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First Week

I just finished my first (half)week of year 11 and I've had a good 3 days. I saw my friends and got my timetable and new teachers etc. I'm really going to try and get my head down this year because of increased grade difficulty. I think I'll resit Physics and ICT because I only got a B in them and I'd love me some A's and I think I could get them easily with some revision! I found out about the ICT 5 minutes before the exam and I concentrated on Biology rather that Physics because it's harder (but I managed to get an A :D)!

I've been over at my twitter a lot this week and I'd like to thank everyone for following me, and for anyone who hasn't please check me out at [ profile] gallifreyhoe. I've also been using my Tumblr a lot more too, which is [ profile] gallifreyandcardiff. I have been checking LJ of course aswell but I'll be waiting until weekends and holidays to make my icons. I did make some today though and I posted them at [community profile] thesatanpit/[ profile] hello_pond so please do check them out! I would love to get more watchers over there so if you like icons/userpics of Torchwood and Doctor Who and would like to watch my progress and help me improve by commenting and giving concrit please check it out!

Wow, this cup of tea I'm drinking could be the best I've had in ages. It's so relaxing and I haven't had a good cup in hours. I'm aware that I'm rambling but after three days of being up at the crack of dawn (I could hardly more this morning) I think I'm entitled to a little rant.

Please please please do feel free to comment and get to know me. You can either comment here, on one of my older posts or the sticky post at the top where we can talk about anything. Feel free to friend me aswell but do leave a comment when you do so that we can actually talk and get to know each other. Also I'm up for chatting via message as well as on twitter and tumblr!

My posts all seem pretty similar lately (probably because they have been so frequent and close together), and I was wondering if there was anything that anyone wanted me to blog about - any particular subject? I love writing blogs and I like the community feeling of Livejournal/Dreamwidth so much! Do leave some ideas if you can!

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I'm super :D And you?

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You should join my icon comm [community profile] 100x100. :)

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I have to get off my duff and make icons hehe..

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Hot.. but otherwise ok :D

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Not here.. LOL Here we are going through a heat wave. :p

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Ok. :) I have to make some icons too. :)

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Okies. :)